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February Empty: Skin79 BB Cream – VIP Gold

Hi Lovelies! Finishing up a product can lead to a plethora of feelings, two of which are polar opposites….the “OH NO, I’M OUT, MUST REPURCHASE” (unless you don’t already have a backup) and the “UGH, FINALLY!” I find that the best way to review a product, be it makeup or skincare, is to reach the… Continue reading February Empty: Skin79 BB Cream – VIP Gold

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Mini Haul

Hi Lovelies!

This is a short-ish post with some products I’ve hauled, and which may be featured in reviews inΒ the coming weeks/months.

My Haul

I think you can immediately tell that Jess has had a bit of an influence on me πŸ˜‰

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