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Tony Moly – Panda Dream Haul

Hi Lovelies! It has been a while, but fear not I have been in the shadows silently hauling and testing out brand new products! Which brings us to today`s post : I bought some of the Tony Moly Panda Dream Line and let me tell you,  YES THEY ARE SUPER CUTE IN PERSON TOO!  for brief testing of the products I already love them!


First up is the Panda`s Dream White Sleeping Pack.  I personally love sleeping packs and often put one on every day of the week!


The cream is a white semi-viscous cream which is quite light and spreadable, making it easier to be absorbed by the skin. The product is said to lighten, smooth and soften skin overnight to give a healthy luminous glow.

I have already tested it out, and have to say I did notice smoother skin but no real brightening. The product smells light and not bothersome to sleep with on, I would recommend this product to sleeping mask newbies, since it is light and breathable on the skin.

Another skin care item from the range is the Panda`s Dream Brightening Eye Base, which can be worn alone or underneath concealer to give a nice luminous glow.


From preliminary testing I have to say the product disappointed me 😦 It was not smooth to roll over the eyes, instead on application my under eye bags felt stretched just to have some white sheer cream on them, which did not soothe the bags at all. I would classify this as more of an under-eye concealer base rather than a skin-care item for sure.

Moving onto the most cutesy product in the range; Panda`s Dream Pocket Lip Balm. This is a  coloured lip balm in the form of a panda head, with a string to easily attach onto a bag or keys. No mirror is present!


The colour looks very nice and suits most skin tones. I have yet to try out this lip-balm in terms of softening as Tony Moly states that it is  a super-moisturizing formula. Will be releasing a short review on our Insta page in the coming weeks.

Moving more onto makeup. A product I utilised and almost finished was the Panda`s Dream Smudge Out Mascara.


Now let me tell you the ironic part. This product claims to be smudge proof, however it is quite literally the opposite. I purchased the Volume edition from either Volume or Long Lash. After wearing it out for a couple of days, with and without eyeliner, I noticed that I would end up with  mascara flakes all over my face and my glasses!!! I would only apply one coat and would still end up with flakes everywhere!!! uhhhh horrible 😦




I reallllyyy wanted to like this mascara and it did give very nice volume, however the flakes made me hesitant to purchase another Tony Moly mascara ever again!!!


Away with the negatives! Let`s focus on my favourite item from the whole line! I liked it so much I decided to purchase two!!!


It is the Panda`s Dream Glossy Lip Crayon.  OMG OMG I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT.  I purchased  colours 2 ( Heart Pink) and 5 ( True Red).

Top colour is Heart Pink, bottom colour is True Red

The formula is not only creamy but also hydrates the lips. I usually use it by applying one light layer and top it off with some lipgloss. It almost has a tint like effect, colour-wise, it stays on quite well despite eating and drinking with it on. The crayon glides easily over the lips and it has become a staple in my makeup bag, even taking it with me on holiday!

The collection also included Panda`s Dream Contour Sticks, in three shades; Highlighter, Concealer and Shading. I purchased the highlighter only as I had read negative reviews on the concealer option and I rarely bronze/contour my face.


I neither liked or disliked this product, its more of a meh product. If I could go back in time I would not purchase it, there are better alternative options to it, non-Korean as well as Korean.

The compact`s released with this collection included the Panda`s Dream Dual Lip (left) and Cheek and the Powder Compact (right).



There is not much to say about the powder compact, it looks cute and I utilise it more for on the go purposes rather than an actual I-need-it-in-my-makeup-regime-everyday powder ( That goes to the Elf tone correcting powder). Tony Moly had released previously the Cat Chu Chu collection which featured a powder compact as well, the formulation stayed the same since that compact, so if you did not like that one, you won`t like this one either!!


On the other hand, the Cheek compact is new to Tony Moly collections and features two pans of similar colour which can be utilised for both lip and cheek. The colour options where either an orangey red or a bright-ish pink. I chose the pink option named Pink Baby.




I have yet to try it as a cheek tint, so far as a lip tint it is quite nice for everyday use just for a hint of colour. Pact does not come with applicator!!!!


No cushion was released with this collection.


Tony Moly always knows how to do packaging, I would recommend some products from this collection,  the lip crayon is such a win for me but the mascara was such a let down 😦

I hope you liked this post and found it informative, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask away down below 🙂



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