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How to: Game Of Thrones manicure

Hello Lovelies! As season 6 of Game of thrones finished with quite a bang ( literally) last sunday, and the show will not air for entire year (*dies) I decided to make this manicure, to remember the lost characters and the ones I really wish would die!

You will need:

A silicone mat or paper towels, I bought this one ( here)  for an absolute steal, have been using it for all my latest manicures and the design has not been scratched off or anything!


Next are the basic base and top  coat , nail polish remover and clean-up brush


For nail polish remover I recommend W7 total wipeout, this is acetone free which does not dry out your cuticles and does remove nail polish well. Clean up brush from ebay, I bought it as a set of 5 brushes (here). As a base coat I prefer to use the Sally Hansen Hard as nails strengthener, I love this to death and have been using it frequently, top coat I like to use the Sally Hansen Diamond shine. Since we are stamping a non-smudgeing top coat is a must!


Plates used are from My online shop on StoreEnvy ( here ) , this seller has the most amazing stamping plates with princesses and Harry Potter and Doctor who stamping plates! I used JR 2  . And I used hehe plate 018   for the Tyrell  rose.

JR 2-horz

If you have Game of Thrones decals fell free to use them for this manicure 🙂

This manicure requires images to be centered well on the nail, so a clear jelly stamper is a must! However if you are a pro at stamping than you can skip this step.

I use the clear jelly stamper from Born Pretty Store (here), it is squishy firm which is great for long nails.




Stamping polishes needed:

gold, red, black and silver, I use born pretty store stamping polishes since they are affordable and smudge proof (here) they have a variety of colours even metallic ones


Polishes needed are:



Red : For Lannister background

Yellow: For Baratheon background

Green: For Tyrell background

Black: For Stark background and Targaryen background.

I used :

Essence Cosmetics  Red: 187 juicy love

Model`s Own yellow: tangerine queen

Model`s own Green: Evergreen

Essence Cosmetics Black: 46 black is back

Wet n wild 225C Sage in the city


Step 1 : Apply base coat to all the nails and let dry.

Step 2 : Paint your thumb black , index finger yellow, ring finger red and littlefinger ( pun intended ) green and leave to dry.

Step 3: You can paint your middle finger either black and then stamp silver or silver background and stamp black choose which ever one you prefer.

Step 4 : Once dry apply a layer of topcoat. This is useful in case of any mishaps, you can lightly go over the mishaps with acetone and not smudge the layer underneath the topcoat.

Step 5: Starting from the thumb select the Targaryen image and stamp this in red.

Step 6: Stamp the antlers on the index finger, take care to carefully place the antlers in the middle of the nails bed.

Step 7 : For the middle finger stamp the Stark Dire wolf in silver or on black as mentioned in Step 3 above

Step 8: For the ring finger stamp the Lannister Gold lion

Step 9: For the pinkie stamp the gold rose for the Tyrell house. Technically speaking the Tyrell house does not have  a rose as a house emblem however the rose reminds me of the house and fit perfectly in this manicure.

Step 10: Leave the nails to dry and apply a smudge proof topcoat

Step 11: Clean up the edges of your nail using the nail polish remover and clean up brush.


Voila manicure is done 🙂




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below!

Have a good day

Jess Xx






























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