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Ebay Lipliners

Hello Lovelies!

I have been doing some bargain beauty shopping over on ebay and found these lovely lipliners for less than a fiver!

I am quite new to the concept of lipliners, I knew about them but I never really bought any, but I found the perfect set for a beginner; be it if you are a  makeup beginner and you want to start a collection, or if you just want to buy these just for fun 😉


12 Colours are included in this set.  The seller I bought from priced the pencils at 3 US Dollars which means that each pencil costs 0.25 cents! BARGAIN. I found that each seller on ebay tends to price them around the same amount however be careful! Some sellers are selling these for 7US Dollars or more 😦 When shopping on ebay don’t be afraid to tick that lowest first button!

The set that I received contained one eyeliner and a colour which was sent twice so in reality I have 10 lipliners, I was not to bothered though as the price was so cheap!

Some swatches of the lipliners and eyeliner on the back of my wrist ( if you would love to see lip swatches leave me a comment down below!)

Colour 1 – Eyeliner pencil

color 1
Colour 1- eyeliner

The formula of these pencils are sooo creamy!! They glide on very nicely and the eyeliner actually stayed on the back of my wrist for quite some time, it did smudge on rubbing with fingers so this would be a great product for smudging the undereye area!

color 2
Colour 2

Colour 2 is a nice berry-browny shade, I noticed that the colour matches the top of the pencil rather than the barrel of the pencil. In fact the eyeliner has a blue barrel but a black top. Am I making sense, probably not, need cofffeee .

color 5
Colour 5

The colours are not really numbered well or  actually there are more than 12 available and the seller sends 12 randomly veering off topic ,    colour 5 is probably my favourite 🙂 It is a beautiful dark red it`s not your typical  cherry red but it is not super dark either.

color 6
Colour 6

Colour 6 is a very nice brown colour, this would be perfect with Shroom  from Lime Crime, Which I was thinking about getting.   Orrr I might get it just to match this  (any looks or ideas on how I could wear this please comment down below!)

color 11
Colour 11

Beautiful cherry red colour and so super pigmented as well! This colour will be perfect for my Essence Merry Berry lipstick (here)


color 13
Colour 13

This colour was a bit tricky, the swatch shows a colour different from the barrel and the top! how confusing! The result was a nice pinky red colour which would look great just filling the lips for an everyday look.

color 17
Colour 17

Colour 17 is also weird, the top of the pencil shows a very nice berry colour but the swatch shows a dark purple! it kinda matches my Essence Merry Berry lipstick ( I swear I have more lipstick than just the Essence collection) but it stills seems unwearable to me.

Maybe for a nice fun look it would be nice, maybe even as eyeliner. Will keep you updated on this pencil in particular.

color 21
Colour 21

Colour 21 is a dark brown colour, this lipliner I would not wear on my lips, but it would be great as an eyeliner, in fact that is what I am going to use it for! Bargain price and multi use! Awesome stuff

color 22
Colour 22

Colour 22 is a pretty berry red shade which would look great just filling in the lips and adding clear gloss on it for a night out, best thing about it is that a lipliner will stay more than a lipstick so no worries about smudging or transferring.

color 23
Colour 23

Colour 23 is another brown, insert sad face  , this is the colour that I received double of, I gave one to my sister, this colour is kinda similar to 06 , however not as pigmented. I could not get a decent swatch out of this one, the colour is supposed to be a medium brown colour from the previous ones, it would have been better if it had better pigmentation.

color 26
Colour 26

The last colour of the bunch this lovely muted and light purple , my swatch is not doing it justice, it`s a beautiful colourwith super shimmering particles kinda eminds me of a unicorn to be honest!

That concludes this  beauty bargain find, you can find these items here , I hope you liked this post, any comments or suggestion or questions please feel free to leave them down below!  I have more items on the way from ebay so stay tuned to the bargain section of this website!

Have a nice day

Jess xx

PS: on mah nails is OPI in sweet margarita stamped with Born Pretty store stamping polish in silver. Plate from MoYou London pro collection plate 7

Close up version of mah nails




Links attached are affiliate links however I was not sponsored to write or swatch these products, I bought them with my own money.


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