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Goodbye March

Hi Lovelies!

Another month has rolled by, and thank God the cold and wet days are coming to an end here in Malta because I’ve missed the sun and sandals. This month I managed to reach the end of three skincare products.

These are my March empties 🙂

(L-R) Lioele A.C. Control Toner and Lotion, Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Face Night Lotion


Let’s start…

  • Lioele A.C Control Toner (100ml)

First off, on Lioele’s website, the A.C Control Trouble Hunter Line’s description says:

Blended with very minimized alcohol ingredient and Phyto-Soothing complex which is patented ingredient consist of 5 flowers for excellent soothing effect, A.C line is suitable for the sensitive and acne skin type.

The A.C Control Toner is formulated for sebum control effect as it contains a bark of pine tree, garlic, seaweed, MSM, phytocide, and Chinese medicine material extracts, thus, according to the claims on the bottle, you will not only be getting a ton of skin protection but you would also be keeping the skin clear and bright.

The toner costs around £ 11.39 / $ 16.40 / € 14.40 on ebay, although I bought it from a local Wangbii shop.

Verdict: I don’t think I would repurchase this, only because I didn’t get the feeling that it was doing anything extraordinary, and for the price, I would prefer to buy any other toner which delivers.

  • Lioele A.C Control Lotion (100ml)

The lotion costs around £ 12.42 / $ 17.90  / € 15.70 on ebay, although I also bought mine from Wangbii as well.

The consistency is quite light and it spreads easily all over the face. I found that with half a pump of the lotion I could cover my entire face, thus this lotion lasted me for quite a while. It does take quite some time for the product to be absorbed into the skin, and it feels a bit sticky even after it has been absorbed. Plus it has a particular smell (maybe pine?). I would recommend you only apply this lotion at night if you wear makeup during the day, as (to my horror!) my foundation balled up when I applied it after putting on this lotion in the AM.

Verdict: Jess did comment that my skin was looking better after using this lotion for a while, but I somehow didn’t take a fancy to it, and will not be repurchasing 😦

  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion (30ml) 

This night lotion was featured in my Body Shop Haul of a couple of months pass. Yes, I’ve emptied the bottle….

Retailing at around £ 10 / $ 14.39 / € 12.63 on their website (Yikes, I bought mine from a local Body Shop for € 9.30!), this night lotion is :

A lightweight, soothing gel-crème for blemished skin.

  • It replenishes moisture overnight
  • It leaves skin looking matte
  • It has antibacterial action
  • It is clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin


The lotion is slightly thick in consistency, has a tea tree scent obviously, and it absorbs into the skin easily, although it did sting my blemishes a bit. I would apply this at night, and wake up with less red marks, and the blemishes I would have would have dried up a bit. When I did apply it during the day (CAUSE I LOVED IT) I found that I could still wear foundation on top of it, and it perhaps helped the foundation not sink into my fine lines and pores.

Verdict: Try this if you have acne or blemishes as it might work for you too. I can’t wait to repurchase this some time soon (as I’m trying out new products)!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Kim xx 





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