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Essence Merry Berry collection!

Hi lovelies! Big sorry for the lack of posts but school work just keeps on piling up!


Today`s post is on the Essence Cosmetics Merry Berry collection. This collection was released around December time and I bought it around that time and used it throughout Decmeber but I just realised that I never posted it!

So the picture above shows the entire collection, however I only bought a couple of items.

Essence Cosmetics Merry Berry collection

First up are the beautiful lipsticks. I managed to get all three of the available lipsticks however they sold out pretty quickly at my local pharmacy!

Such pretty packaging

The colours are divine, not my usual colours but these where too pretty and inexpensive to miss out on!

The names and the tops of the lipsticks

and you can see the signature E on the side of the lipsticks


And some swatches :

Swatches of the beautiful colours

Now these lipsticks are extremely hard to take off, after I swatched them and tried to remove them with my normal makeup remover they would not budge at all!! Another plus is that they are super buttery, just the way I like them since I suffer from dry lips!

Next up is the highlighter, now I probably own around 5 different highlighters, but I just could not pass this up! It`s name is so cute,  I love my golden pumps. The star print is so beautiful it was so hard for me to swatch it!


Such a beautiful colour! It can be used as an eyeshadow as well sicne it is in powder form.

Next up are the eyeshadows. The purple on is called The masked ball  and the beige-ish colour is called The perfect dress. 


I thought the purple one would not be pigemented but boy was I wrong!

You probably know that I am a complete polish addict so naturally I bought three of the nail polishes from the set. I wanted to get all of them but unfortunately they sold out *insert sad face.

I got two nail polishes and the gold one is actually a glitter topcoat. The topcoat has no name, the pink one is called Red rocks  and the purple one is called purple with purpose 


And that wraps up my haul and mini review. I hope you liked this post 🙂 Stay tuned for more Essence Cosmetic collections update ( since I love buying them ) Feel free to comment and ask questions down below!

Xx Jess

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