The BrushEgg

Hi Lovelies!

As my skin slowly starts to get back to its ‘normal’, non-red and unblemished state, every time I needed wanted to put on foundation or a BB cream (which for me is almost everyday due to work) I found myself reaching for makeup products which are lighter in texture and with less coverage than the ones I was using.  Whilst the brushes I was using were not getting as dirty as when I was applying thicker foundations, the cleaning of the brushes did not falter.

Because no one should use dirty brushes if they can help it. Dirty brushes house a lot of bacteria, and no one wants to put bacteria on their skin!

My pink BrushEgg

About a year ago, Jess gave me a “BrushEgg”, since she claimed that it speeds up the cleaning of brushes AND the brushes are cleaned better. Although I initially had my reservations, I’m happy to declare that I love this egg and use it religiously to clean my brushes. Cause…this is just the bomb.

The BrushEgg from the side

As you can see from the above photo, there is a section of this BrushEgg with smaller ‘knobs’ which I personally use for smaller brushes, even though the ebay seller from where Jess bought it (for a mere $1.13/£0.79/€1.04) wrote the following:

“Smaller knobs on the top used for foaming and lathering.
The grooves in the bottom of the egg are used to agitate the bristles.”

You can see the results of this BrushEgg in the photo below 😀



I honestly cannot even begin to tell you how important it is to clean your brushes properly with a good brush cleaning gel (or in my case with a face cleanser which I’m not too fond of). Also, avoid getting water into the base of the bristles and use cold water else you’ll find yourself holding the bristles in your palm!

Thanks for reading and until next time 😉


Kim xx



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