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Lipstick Showdown – Revlon vs Calvin Klein

Hi Lovelies!

Long overdue post from me – a thousand apologies, I was a bit busy taking a holiday with my beau and working hard to earn me some income 😉

I am fond of lipsticks and lipstains, as I find that a pop of colour on the lips, a bit of cream blush and some mascara with your usual morning make-up routine (which for me is foundation and concealer) can make you look polished and put together without seeming to have made that much of an effort. And let’s face it, when you’re in a hurry to get out of the house (I always forget that I have to wait 15 minutes for the Vit-C to work its magic before continuing with my routine), you’ll reach for your trusted lipsticks to stuff them in your bag to apply them on the way out, or on the bus.


Today’s post features two brands of lipsticks- Revlon and Calvin Klein – in a showdown. Who’s ready?

In one corner we have the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. The US site claims that :

This velvety soft formula with moisturizing shea butter, aloe and Vitamin E is food-proof and doesn’t quit. Available in 20 suede shades. Apply once and go. (Moreover) 92% of women felt lips were creamy and instantly comfortable.

I picked up three shades: (L-R) Front Row, High Heels and Finale

I admit, these were not at all cheap when I got them, and the only reason I purchased three was because I wanted a nude-ish colour, a pink and a red! I have had a look at ebay, and the cheapest option I could find (although there is only one shade available) is £5/$7.60/ €7.

The lipsticks have a particular pleasant scent, and when you put them on your lips they do remind you of suede as the colour just glides on! However, pigmentation is a bit of a problem, as you need to swipe the lipstick twice to get some colour on your lips, and there is a slight hint of some shimmer as you can see from the swatches.

Two swipes of the lipsticks.
Two swipes of the lipsticks on my inner arm. This was taken in sunlight.

Unfortunately for my lips and bank account the lipstick sticks to the dry patches and lines of the lips. This was extremely disappointing for me, as I was overjoyed with the lipsticks when I applied them, but after an hour or so I just wanted to remove it. With leads me on to another thing: once applied, the lipstick is difficult to remove!



  • Many shades to choose from
  • Long-lasting on your lips (although I wouldn’t go so far as say food-proof)
  • Lipstick goes on smooth


  • (In my opinion) Expensive
  • Little pigmentation
  • There is something not quite right with the formula – dries the lips and sinks into lines

That was a bit of a bummer……….

In the other corner we have the Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick. I couldn’t find these listed on the website where I had purchased them from (for half their price, might I add!) so I’m borrowing their description off of Amazon:

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Cream Lipstick is a luxurious, ultra conditioning lip stick that gives your lips a smooth matte finish. With a non feathering formula that will protect and hydrate your lips. This lip stick will make sure your lip colour lasts as long as you need it to. Vitamin enriched, leaves your lips feeling soft, supple and oh so kissable!

I also picked up three shades: Henna, First Kiss and Sinful

These are easily available on ebay as well, with the cheapest retailing at £3.79/$5.80/€5.35. The packaging is a bit boring in my opinion. I guess some people would like it as it looks sleek but I would have preferred it to be similar to the Revlon, with at least a hint of lipstick colour showing.

The lipsticks have a very very slight scent to them, and they also apply smoothly to the lips, but these dry matt (slight shimmer) and are so moisturising. AND THEY ARE SO PIGMENTED I CAN SCREAM WITH JOY. Check out the swatches! LOOK!

The colours are to die for!
The colours are to die for! Taken in sunlight

There is some product transfer when you drink and eat, however I found that you’re still left with some colour on your lips 🙂 Although I felt that the lips felt slightly less moisturised after the transfer.



  • Borderline between expensive and a decent price for a lipstick
  • Although there is product transfer you still have some colour left on your lips!
  • Matte and moisturising
  • Pigmented


  • Packaging is a bit boring
  • I couldn’t find a lot of information about the lipsticks in terms of ingredients and colours!

Ding-Ding……..And the Winner of the Showdown is……………

Honestly? No contest here

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment 🙂

Kim xxx


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