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Essence Cosmetics Collective haul

Hi lovelies!

Today I will be showing an Essence Cosmetics Collective haul I made with some items from their new collection!


Being a polish addict I obviously had to pick out some new polish colours:

Starting from left to right:

no 36 Dare it nude

no 44 On Air!

I heart trends no 08 Do nuts ( What a name!)

I heart trends no 02 I nude it


I am not usually a nude nails type of person but I needed a sophiscticated nail look for an important meeting!

I need my coloured nails so I picked up some nice purple colours:

from left to right:

no 52 Amazed by you

no 23 Wonderfuel

no 02 Bubble gum. This is a jelly polish and I am looking foward to getting that trapped glitter  look using this polish!!


I do not usually need to fill in my brows but decided to get this little product because it is amazing how Essence Cosmetics managed to fit everything you need into one super small case. The brow kit includes 1 brush, three stencils and 2 powders!


Staying within the eyeball region I picked up a brow and lashes gel from the brand. I really like clear mascara for everyday instead of black or brown and it also doubles as a brow gel for fixing those brows!

I picked up the Lash Princess False lash effect mascara since I have very short and stubby lashes and I heard some really great reviews on this product!


Essence has just come out with four different eyeshadow palettes obviously I picked up the all about roses palette which has very nice pinkish colours. This palette was only 4.30 Euros!!


I was also super duper impressed by the fact that they include instructions on how to get a nice eye look on the back of the palette!


Onto the lip portion of this haul!


I picked up four lipsticks.

From left to right

The lipsticks fro the usual collection and I picked up no 07 natural beauty

Their sheer lipstick collection which would be great for everyday lipstick I picked up no 11 all about cupcake

And their new liquid lipstick collection.They have four collous in all and I picked up a dark red and the lightest pink shade. I have high hopes for these products, hopefully they live up to my expectations!

And lastly lipliners!


I was always afraid to try lipliners for the fear of ending up with outlined lips with no lipstick on since it would have been worn off!

However I managed to pair the lipliner no 12 Wish me a rose to the liquid lipstick so hopefully the liquid lipstick will not budge!

and the transparent liner will not be seen on the lips, so no problems there! (Score!!!!!)

That it! You made it!! I will be uploading reviews on the products as well as swatches and nail looks that I came up using these colours.

I hope you liked this Haul, feel free to like and comment/ask questions down below

Until next time!

Jess Xx

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