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Essence Cosmetics- Cinderella collection

Being a Disney and makeup lover I always jump at the chance of a combination of my two loves, which is why I squealed with delight when I saw the Essence Cosmetics Cinderella collection at my local pharmacy.


The collection consists of nail polish , lipglosses, a highlighter , a blush and two sets of nail art stickers.

I decided to pick up the highlighter, the blush ,one lipgloss and the only nail sticker  sheet that was left on the stand.

The highlighter which was named as The glass slipper is beautiful in its own right. I barely wanted to swatch this let alone use it on a daily basis.It gives a wonderful gleam and it is very pigmented. It cost Euros 3.50 which is not so much considering that it is a limited edition collection and the product contains 9g. 12047232_10207852703578472_637421334_n



The blush named So this is love is a lovely pinkish shade with quite a lot of shimmer in it!. It closes with a magnets present on the inside of the packaging thus allowing the blush to stay covered. I would have loved a mirror on the inside but for Euros 3.50 I was not expecting much.




The lipgloss named So this is love  is a lovely shade of red. It has a doe-foot applicator and a very stong cherry smell. On swatching I also noticed that it has a lot of glimmer in it which would be perfect to layer with a red lipstick to keep the makeup looking fun and playful. The lipgloss cost Euros 2.1012087357_10207852703138461_1307320472_n


The nail art stickers are available in two forms. Unfortunately I only managed to snag one of the sheets and it was also the last one. The stickers are very nice and well detailed. I will be experimenting and uploading a finished result as soon as my nails grow a wee bit more 🙂


The Essence Cosmetics Cinderella collection is a very beautiful and affordable collection. It does not break the bank and it is still well made, with the products being made very well and well thought out as well. I must say the products are nicer looking than the M.A.C Cinderella collection that came out!!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment down below 🙂  Have a good day 🙂

xxx Jess


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