Rimmel Provocalips – Hit or Miss?

Hi Lovelies!

My 'Il Volo' Birthday Mug, a.k.a my pride and joy
My ‘Il Volo’ Birthday Mug, a.k.a my pride and joy

So it turns out that some of the best marketers of beauty products are bbloggers and vloggers, cause it took one particular vlogger (sorry, not mentioning names here!) and her abundance of praises for this particular product to get me insanely hooked on getting my hands on one of the Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour   (EBAY     AMAZON).

Was it worth the hype? Detective Kim investigates……

I must admit that I am one of those people who relies a lot on reviews before I purchase something, especially when there is a slight probability that the product I am eyeing will be purchased in abundance – case in point – the mug above. (No not the actual mug – by the way these Italian singers Il Volo are awesome! LISTEN TO THEMMMMMMM).

 If you need to rush out of the office quickly or you’re called to appear in front of your boss, you probably won’t have time to look into a mirror and stay applying lipstick or gloss, and you also probably don’t want to be that lady with the dodgy and patchy lipstick…..so long lasting lipstick is essentially one of those products you need, especially if, like me, you drink and eat a lot whilst working. 

Rimmel Provocalips claim to be a 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colours. Actually, I’ll post their claims (taken from their website) below:

• Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour.
• No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.

5 of the 8 shades of the Rimmel Provocalips
5 of the 8 available shades of the Rimmel Provocalips

First of all, packaging is wonderful – you just stuff one (or two) in your bag and there are no worries that it’s going to somehow end up smudged in the inside of your bag. The lip colour with the doe foot applicator goes on like a dream (I recommend scrubbing your lips and removing any oil based lip balms before putting the colour on!), though you really need to be careful that you’re using a mirror when applying this, especially with the darker shades. Oh, that reminds me: If you make a mistake don’t leave it til later to fix it cause it will not come off  (scrubbing won’t help!!) or you need some sort of oil based makeup remover to take it off!

5 of the 8 available shades
5 of the 8 available shades

After putting on the lip colour you are supposed to wait 60 seconds before putting on the topcoat to lock in the colour and add moisture.

One thing I did notice was that the colour does last all day IF you don’t eat something which is oily, else the colour will start coming off, especially in the inner rims of the lips. Of course, you can always touch up those areas where the colour would have come off, but then I found that the colour would still start coming off, and you still end up with patchy lips.

Two other things which I hated bothered me are:

the feel of the colour on my lips. I love wearing lipstick but this product feels a bit weird on the lips. It might be that I need to get used to it, but for the time being I don’t like how they feel on the lips. and 

the dryness. You know when you’re wearing lipstick and you drink from a glass you leave some lipstick residue on the glass? It happens when you’re wearing the Rimmel Provocalips too, only instead of the colour, you say bye bye to the topcoat. The same topcoat which keeps your lips moisturised. You either need to reapply the topcoat or you end up with very dry lips, which to me, are a huge pain 😦

Would I repurchase? Probably not. So if you know of any other long lasting lip colours, please let me know in the comments!

Kim xx


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