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Holika Holika – Pig nose clear collection

I have been trying to get rid of blackheads on my nose since I started taking more care of my skin and have never found a solution to my problem.12042141_10207803625631554_1971742731_n

That is until I started getting into Korean skincare and stumbled across the Holika Holika pig nose clear products. I took a bit of a risk when I purchased these products since reviews on the collection were not abundant!

I have been trying out the products for the past weeks and will be publishing a review on each one.

For now let me tell you what the brand promised each product would do:

The pig nose clear blackhead steam starter promises to open your pores and reduce dirt from the pore. The pink clay ingredient present helps to absorb excess sebum and soften stubborn black heads. 

The pig nose clear blackhead peeling massage gel promises to remove dead skin cells and soften blackheads for easy removal.  Aloe Vera extract present  minimizes pores

The pig nose blackhead clear deep cleansing oil balm which promises to remove blackheads gently as well as dead skin cells and absorbs sebum whilst minimizing pores 

Deep cleansing oil balm, as a texture it is quite solid

The pig nose clear blackhead cleansing sugar scrub which promises to remove and exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities

sugar scrub which is not liquidy and quite hard to put on face

The pig nose clear blackhead perfect sticker which promises to remove whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells.

Each packet comes with 10 pc

The last item in their collection is the pig nose clear  blackhead 3 step kit , I tried this item as it came for free with a purchase. I have to say it was quite good and I will definetly be repurchasing it and writing a full review on it 🙂

That wraps up the Holika Holika Pig clear collection, I will be writing full reviews on these products in the upcoming weeks 🙂 Feel free to ask questions or add comments down below 🙂

Jess xx


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