My first Korean purchase – peripera Frozen collection

Turning back the clock to my first ever Korean purchase, it was I believe last year that I started becoming interested in Korean makeup after seeing the Frozen collection released by peripera.

The boxes the pacts came in
The boxes the pacts came in

Being a Disney fanatic I jumped at the chance of owning the collection – cue a brief trip to kollectionk and the Elsa pride up pact and the Olaf powder were mine.

The outer packaging of the pacts

Aside: I was happy overjoyed with the samples that I received with my purchase – A full size sheet mask and a sample of etude house bb cream!!

The Elsa pact is a BB cushion, which is a popular style of foundation convenient for touch ups and hassle free makeup application.

The cushion of the pact

The pact comes with interchangeable cushions meaning that when a product runs out you do not change the pretty Elsa packaging but rather just the insert. It gives quite a good coverage especially when used with a stippling brush. Sadly being a new Korean cosmetics user I bought a shade which was too dark for me.

Swatch of the cushion pact

However I still use the pact in the summer when I have caught some sun.

The Olaf powder – see pictures down below – is too cute for me to want to use it! Imprinted on the powder is a smiling Olaf. Between the puff and the powder there is a plastic casing to protect the puff from overloading on powder. The powder is almost colourless, and in fact I sometimes use it as a highlighting powder.

Olaf powder with plastic casing
Olaf powder swatch

Both pacts have a mirror which is good for on the go application and (bonus!) when the pact is finished it can be used as a cute mirror!

Overall I must say I liked love these products both for the lovely packaging and for the actual makeup product.

Thank you  for reading and any questions you can ask down below and I will enter, have a good day 🙂

Jess xx


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